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Entry point for the members of important IEC projects
that are involved in definition of the standard series IEC 61850 and other standards based on IEC 61850 and extending the standard

This information is for the members of the listed working groups.

General information:

Find more NEWS on the standardization and related products.


Utility-Standard IEC 61850 auch für die Industrielle Automation

Use of the standard IEC 61850 outside the areas of Electrical Utilities

Substation Automation Handbook (some 400 pages). This Book arrived on time after the August 14 power blackout: To secure and improve electric power networks, substation experts all over the world should know this book. Describes the application of IEC 61850, ... (2003-09-11)

MMS (ISO 9506-1/-2) informative copies of the FDIS text are available for download.

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