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IEC TC 57 / WG 10
(Power system IED communication and associated data models)

Project IEC 61850 (Communication networks and systems in substations)

Note (2004-02-20)

As you all know, WG10, 11 and 12 of TC57 have been merged into one WG, WG10. The title of the Working Group is: "Power system IED communication and associated data models" In the mean time, all of our parts (except part 10) are finished and accepted as international standard. Within the UCA international users group - which is the users group for IEC 61850 and TASE.2 - the process of collecting open issues that need clarification has started.

On the other side, the new work on creating object models for power quality has started as well. Other new work items that intend to use the concepts of IEC 61850 have been accepted (hydro power plants and distributed energy resources (DER)) and will be started soon. Some of these other applications (including the wind turbines handled in TC88) use new basic concepts (e.g. statistics) that may be of interest for our applications as well.

Substation Automation Handbook (some 400 pages). This Book arrived on time after the August 14 power blackout: To secure and improve electric power networks, substation experts all over the world should know this book. Describes the application of IEC 61850, ... (2003-09-11)

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Information for members of WG 10, 11, 12

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