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The IEC Technical Committee 88 has set up a new project to develop a communication standard for distributed generation (primary scope per TC 88: wind power plants) in 2001

IEC 61400 Part 25

Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants

The first official working draft can be downloaded from:


This standard defines information, information description methods, and information exchange for monitoring and control systems for wind power plants.

The information defined in this standard comprises mainly wind power plant specific information like status, counters, measurands, and control information of various parts of a wind power plant, e.g., turbine, generator, gear, rotor, and grid.

The object oriented information description methods allow precise and complete specification of the information.

The information exchange provides:

- real-time data access and retrieval,
- controlling devices,
- event/alarm reporting and logging,
- self-description of devices,
- data typing and discovery of data types, and
- file transfer

Communication profiles as can be found in the IT world are applied.

Through the specification of information and information exchange methods the analyzed approach defines a (wind) power plant communications interface. Taking into account today's non-standardized information and information exchange methods there are many topologies possible how and where the standard interface is implemented (see figure below).

The standard may be applied in any other distributed generation application:

- Microturbines
- Fuel Cell Systems
- Solar power
- Microgrids
- ...

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