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Mappings and stacks for IEC 61400-25

Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants

  • Comparison of IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104, DNP3, and IEC 60870-6-TASE.2 with IEC 61850
    Download report [20 pages - PT 25 password protected zip file of pdf document - 440 KB], Executive summary

    The analysis is based on the experience and background information of well known experts (convenors and other working group members) that are involved in several IEC TC 57 projects, UCATM, and DNP for many years:

    Wolfgang Brodt, Convenor IEC TC 57 WG 03; (SAT, Vienna/Austria),
    Christoph Brunner, Convenor IEC TC 57 WG 12; (ABB, Zurich/Switzerland),
    Grand Gilchrist, Secretary, DNP User's Group Technical Committee and Member of IEC TC57 WG 10,11,12 and 15; (GE Energy Services, Calgary/Canada),
    Wolfgang Maerz, speaker of German delegation of IEC TC 57; (RWE, Dortmund/Germany)
    George Schimmel, Convenor IEC TC 57 WG 11; (Tamarack, Ann Arbor (MI)/USA)
    Karlheinz Schwarz, Editor IEC 61850-7-1/-2, Convenor ISO TC 184 SC5 WG2 (MMS); (SCC, Karlsruhe/Germany)


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