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Information for members of project IEC 61400-25
and Seminar attendies

Boulder, CO, 2003-11 (USA, Nov 18-20, 2003)
This page has been updated on 2003-10-23

Slides of the seminar on Monday November 17, 2003


The meeting will be held in the Large Conference room at the National Wind Technology Center,
18200 State Hwy 128, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

For maps to the National Wind Technology Center (just south of Boulder, Colorado) see


Hotel Boulderado
2115 13th St.
Boulder, CO 80302


Slides of the seminar on IEC 61400-25 held in Boulder (CO), USA

27 Experts from USA, Canada and Europe attended the seminar:

The IEC TC88 PT 25 Working Group presented a 1 day seminar on standardized communications for wind power plants. The meeting took place at NREL's National Wind Technology Center on Monday, November 17 in conjunction with the meeting of the PT25 working group. The seminar covered the industry needs that resulted in developing a wind power plant specific communication standard, background on previous IEC, IEEE, and other organizations communication activities relating to monitoring and control, the scope and purpose of IEC 61400-25, and describe the approach taken to address the problem. Mapping the wind power plant object models to specific on-the-wire protocols such as XML, ISO 9506 (MMS), and others will also be discussed. In addition, actual implementations of the proposed object models and interoperability with other utility devices have been demonstrated.

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