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SCC Capabilities and Experience Profile

Karlheinz Schwarz, Schwarz Communication Consult (SCC), Karlsruhe (Germany) is an independent consultant in the area of systems integration and open communications since 1992. As a manager with Siemens (industrial communication systems) he represented the Siemens and the German national position in the international standardisation of MMS, MMS Companion standards, and other standardisation projects from 1984 until 1997.

He assists companies in examining open communications and distributed systems technologies and with entering the open MMS communications in application areas other than the manufacturing industry (for which MMS was originally designed).

The primary business objective of SCC is to provide consulting services to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) for feasibility study, design, specifying and editing international standards, training, marketing, information dissemination, procurement of distributed systems and open communications for the various aspects of distributed automation systems. To keep abreast of the latest technical development, SCC is actively involved in workshops, seminars, task forces, and committees of various professional organisations such as ISO, IEC, IEEE, CEN, and CENELEC.

SCC offers consulting services outlined above for a wide range of communication systems and technical applications oriented to the automation of discrete and continuous manufacturing. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP)
  • MiniMAP/FAIS
  • Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) and MMS Companion Standards
  • International Fieldbusstandard IEC TC 65
  • European Fieldbus Norm EN 50170
  • National Fieldbusstandards like PROFIBUS, FIP, P-Net
  • Actuator Sensor Interface (ASI)
  • Utility Communications Architecture (UCA)
  • Intercontrol Center Communications Protocol (ICCP)
  • Common Generic Object Model for the MMS Forum
  • Telecommunication Networks and Interfaces
  • Accreditation, Testing and Certification of IT products
  • Quality Management
  • Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP)
  • Application and Function block modelling IEC CD 1499-2 and CD 1499-2
  • Process Control Functionblocks and Device Description Language IEC Draft 1804

 Mr. Schwarz has published more than 30 technical articles and held more than 50 seminars on communication subjects.


SCC´s Experience

Mr. Schwarz is a principal contributor in the following standardisation projects (either project member or as the lead technical staff on the projects), representing more than 20 companies (Bayernwerk, Badenwerk, Mercedes Benz, RWE, VEW, AEG, ABB, Bosch, E+H, P+F, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, ...) and interest groups:

ISO ISO TC 184/SC5/WG2 Communications and interconnection (MMS, ...) Member
IEC IEC TC 57 Power Systems Control and Associated Communications Member
  IEC TC 57 WG 07 Protocols compatible with ISO/OSI and ITU Member
  IEC TC 57 WG 10, 11, 12 Communication within Substations Member
  IEC TC 65 / WG6 Functionblocks (IEC 1499)  
  IEC TC 65C/WG1 Message data format for information transferred on process and control data highways, Profiles Member
  IEC TC 65C/WG6 Fieldbus (IEC 1158) Member
  IEC TC 65C/WG7 Functionblocks and Data Descriptive Language Member
CENELEC CENELEC TC 65 CX Fieldbus Communication  
CEN CEN TC 310/TG ICOM Task Group on industrial communications Member
MMS Forum EPRI, Electric Power Research Institute Communications and application modelling in the area of power utilities (UCA, ICCP, ...) Member
NAM DKE/NAM/NI 96.5 Architektur und Kommunikation Member
  DKE/NAM/NI GA 96.5.2 Kommunikation und Datenaustausch (MMS, ...) Chairman
DKE DKE FB 9 AK AP FB 9 Arbeitskreis Arbeitsplanung Member
  KG-ILT des DKE FB9/ NAM FB IA Koordinierungsgruppe Industrielle Leittechnik Member
  DKE K 950 Kommunikation und Informationslogistik Member
  DKE UK 951.2 Kommunikationsdienste, Process Control Member
  DKE UK 951.3 Feldbus Member
  DKE AK 951.3.1 Functionblocks and Data Descriptive Language Chairman
  DKE K 952 Netzleittechnik Member
  DKE AK 952.07 Protocols compatible with ISO/OSI and ITU Member
  DKE AK 952.08 Stationsleittechnik Member
PNO PNO Beirat PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. Beirat Member
  PNO FA 1 Qualitätssicherung, Prüfen und Zertifizieren Chairman
GMA GMA AK 4.2 Kommunikation in verteilten Systemen Member
ZVEI ZVEI GA IK Gemeinschaftsauss. Industrielle Kommunikation Member

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