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Opening Device Data Jail Houses: Device Data Integration into Systems with standard communication - Draft White Paper of ISO TC 184/SC 5/ WG 2 (communication and interconnection) (05/99)

This white paper explains the vision of the standard ISO/IEC 9506 (Manufacturing Message Specification) to dramatically improve device data integration in the enterprise information technology, reducing costs and increasing the agility of the whole life cycle of a technical process to react to changing business needs. It also describes the architectural approach used by the standard and the compelling business value of working together to achieve heterogeneous interoperability of business software components and any kind of devices installed for controlling and monitoring technical processes.

The ISO TC 184/SC 5/WG 2, which published MMS in the early 90's, was comprised of many of the most prominent stakeholders in the device software interoperability arena in the world. It was formed in response to the rapidly expanding problem of tying together disparate software applications and heterogeneous devices comprising a systems. The requirement to bolt business software and device data together quickly and cheaply is accel-erating and customers are spending more time and money on this problem than ever before.

The distribution of systems - or the building systems out of distributed functions residing in scattered devices - requires a standard to inter-operate under real-time conditions and at reasonable costs.

Download: Doppelklicken ... (PDF Document MMS_White_Paper_13_5_99_VP.PDF: 437 KByte)

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