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IEEE SA announced: UCA(TM) is available (IEEE-SA TR 1550) (11/99)

Umfassende Übersicht über die UCA-Architektur und die UCA-Normung UCA (05/99)

Opening Device Data Jail Houses: Device Data Integration into Systems with standard communication - Draft White Paper of ISO TC 184/SC 5/ WG 2 (communication and interconnection) (05/99)

Utility Communications Architecture(UCA) Could Save Gas Utilities Millions, Oct 19, 1998 (Chicago, IL) (05/99)

12 UCA compliant products have been demonstrated at the Substation Initiative meeting in Albuquerque (new Mexico, USA) May 13, 1999. (05/99)

IEEE SCC 36 (Utility Communications Architecture, UCA) has unanimously decided to publish the UCA Version 2 specification as IEEE Technical Report (IEEE TR 1550) in July 1999. (05/99)

Offene Standards für die industrielle Automation - Telecontrol mit TASE.2 - IEC 61870-6 (10/98)

New UCATM2 (Utility Communication Architecture) cuts costs, improves data sharing (10/97)

EPRI-Sponsered Utility Substation Initiative Inviting Additional Utility and Vendor Participation (10/97)

ICCP Toolkit (10/97)

New standard IEC 870-6 TASE.2 (known as ICCP, Intercontrol Center Communications Protocol) provided by major SCADA/EMS system vendors and applied by about 100 utilities worldwide (10/97)

MMS communication system as cheap as Fieldbus! (10/97)

SCC Capabilities and Experience Profile (9/97)

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