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Open Data Modeling and Communication Platforms for Utility Applications

Open and powerful communication platforms for the operation of interconnected networks (10/97)
Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang März, VEW Energie, Dortmund
Dipl.-Ing. Karlheinz Schwarz, SCC, Karlsruhe

Abstract - The international utility industries for electric power, gas, water, and oil have agreed on a standardized communication platform for most requirements of information modeling and real-time data exchange: TASE.2., in the US known as ICCP, the first practical result of EPRI’s Utility Communication Architecture (UCA), Version 2. The international standard series IEC 870-6-503/702/802 TASE.2 (Telecontrol Application Service Element Two) is based on MMS models and specifies the most known generic SCADA/EMS data (Objects) as well as it defines the procedures (Services) for operating the objects. It provides a modern client/server as well as an object-oriented based standard for distributed applications running on standardized communication systems for an unlimited number of application domains. The main field of application is the support of EMS functions of control centers of interconnected networks for inter-control center communication as e.g. scheduling of energy transmission and scheduling of energy generation, but also the communication with any other systems like substations, power plants or industrial customers can now be implemented easily, cost effective and simple.

TASE.2 can be used in any network environment of OSI and the Internet suit of protocols commonly referred to as TCP/IP with 7 layers down to 3 layers over dedicated point-to-point or multi-point lines for small RTU’s and is not restricted to any specific media.

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